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Fees and Minimums

With an IRA, your primary goal is saving for retirement. Competitive fees and expenses mean more of the money you contribute goes directly toward your goal. This gives you greater potential to maximize your savings, and any earnings you may receive from those savings.

Empower Retirement IRA is a comprehensive product with a variety of investment options available to help you meet your objectives—all for a very competitive cost. The fees and minimums for each account, whether you select a traditional or Roth IRA, are as follows.


Fee Schedule
Effective December 1, 2015
Setup fee $0
Transfer-in/rollover-in fee $0
Annual administration fee (deducted quarterly)

• $0 if your account balance is more than $30,000

• $35 if your account balance is between $5,000 and $30,000

• $50 if your account balance is less than $5,000

Investment management fees1 Vary based on your choice of funds2
Transaction fees $0
Asset holding fees $0
Account closure fee3 $75
Sales charge $0
Miscellaneous fees For special services, including but not limited to: wires, overnight delivery services, stop payments on checks, insufficient funds checks and additional statement copies.
Empower Retirement Advisory Services4

• Online Investment Guidance: FREE

• Online Investment Advice: $25 per year (deducted from account at $6.25 each quarter)

• Managed Account annual fee, charged quarterly, based on account balance:

Account Balance Quarterly Managed Account Fee Annual Managed Account Fee
Less than $100,000 0.1375% 0.55%
Next $150,000 0.1125%


Next $150,000 0.0875% 0.35%
Greater than $400,000 0.0625%


There is no guarantee that participation in Empower Retirement Advisory Services will result in a profit or that your account will outperform a self-managed portfolio.

Initial investment, distribution and account balance minimums
Minimum initial investment $500
Minimum distribution $50
Minimum balance required


The custodian and service provider reserve the right to change the fee schedule and initial investment, distribution and account balance minimums upon 30 days of written notice to Empower Retirement IRA owners.

The minimum initial investment requirement may be waived for incoming rollovers initiated by a retirement plan due to mandatory distribution provisions under an eligible retirement plan.

As highlighted above, for a competitive cost, you receive all the benefits Empower Retirement IRA has to offer, including an array of investment options.

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Fees and Minimums


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1 Each fund has its own fund operating expenses that vary depending on the investment options you select.

2 Funds may impose redemption fees, and/or transfer restrictions, on certain transfers, redemptions or exchanges if assets are held for less than the period stated in the fund’s prospectus or other disclosure documents. For more information, please refer to the fund’s prospectus and/or disclosure documents.

3 Assessed when the account is closed upon full distribution or transfer of the IRA, or when the IRA balance falls below $75 (in which case the IRA Custodian will terminate the IRA).

4 Managed Account, Guidance and Advice services are offered by Advised Assets Group, LLC (AAG), a federally registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company. More information can be found at